Vodka primarily consists of grain and water. The quality of these elements is the critical factor in determining its taste. In producing Partisan Vodka, we attach special importance to using only the best raw materials and a precisely defined process of distillation. Only then can we ensure our vodka’s unique flavor.

The Belarus region has always been known for the exceptional quality of its vodka. Because Partisan Vodka was born of a demand for the finest product possible, quality was our highest priority in choosing a distillery. There would be no passionless mass producers. We found a distillery with our quality standards and thus a partner with the same love of vodka. The distillery produces only with water from its own well. A water so pure it is even used for mineral water. Partisan Vodka is also produced exclusively from the highest quality wheat. But the difference lies in more than its raw ingredients alone.

Partisan Vodka is made with a precisely defined, multiple filtering process – a carefully coordinated procedure that lends it its extraordinary purity and superior quality. This exceptional formula was engineered by experts who for decades have dedicated themselves to finding the best vodka recipes. It was they who emphasized the importance of storing Partisan Vodka for several days before bottling, a procedure that ensures a perfect blending of the individual elements. It is there that the full breadth of its characteristic taste unfolds.

To achieve the highest possible quality of Partisan Vodka, only alcohol of the "Lux" class is being used. "Lux" is the highest of three internationally recognized quality levels. The unique mildness of Partisan Vodka is based on the high purity of this alcohol. Until now, the vodka label "Lux", was only obtained – if at all – in the high-price category of the German market. 

But that has finally changed with the Partisan Vodka!