At long last, it has finally arrived - „The wolf in sheep‘s...“. The fable is the inspiration for the table design, under the banner of the German liquorsmith, Partisan Vodka’s Design Competition. „tiger & wolf“ harvested the glory of their victory... the deafening applause...the knickers... Their table is also sold in the form of an A1 blueprint with pictures of the prototype, a license plaque and supporting informationres of the prototype, a license plaque and supporting information.

The unique product is available at our Partisan shop at formost.

The concept: 10-metre-long beech trunk / two teams split the trunk among themselves in the woods / 7 days‘ time… shared daily bread and grind... to vanquish and craft matter to use / 1 spectacular competition

The atmosphere: Cordially coexistent, though fundamentally different, the talented parties on the common path. 45 Kilos, quietly analytical and efficiently precise... „tiger & wolf“, powerfully wielding the axe of tradition. The resulting designs clearly illustrate the efforts... The verdict was unanimous... The wolf in sheep‘s... by Kräher and Müller - their functional quadruped a felicitous essence of the concept.

Two symmetrical units were created, which can be enclosed around a third unit, and easily transformed with simplicity and flexibility of design into other units. The principle thus provides a fascinating dimension of urbanity, compression, singlehood or mobility.

Partisan Products designed by „tiger & wolf“ - Benjamin Kräher / Christian Müller