In the beginning it was only the two of us with a daring idea: “Let’s take vodka of exceptional quality – one for people like us – and bring it to Germany.”

And that became our story. We set out on our journey and it was going to be a long one, all the way to the distillery in Belarus and back home to our kitchen table. It was absolutely unpredictable and it still is. Once we returned to our mother country and tasted this true, genuine vodka for the first time, our passion was ignited for once and for all. We immediately felt that it would be worth all the hardship. We dubbed it Partisan, for with such a distinctive character, so much clarity and purity, it was like the soul of an indomitable fighter. This substance was intended not only for Russian throats, but for every heart that beats in a chest pounded by the daily difficulties and resistances out there. We devoted ourselves to quenching the thirsty throats of this world and pouring into them the purity they deserve. We were convinced of this task and still are today, now more than ever.

We had found our Partisan Vodka, but that alone would not reach our objective. The fact that our mission was no job for a two-man adventure became all too clear the day we found ourselves behind Russian bars in Minsk. After our arrest and interrogation, we knew that we needed to attract partners. We needed comrades whose loyalty we could count on in any

situation – supporters whose bond went beyond the ink on whatever contracts, people who shared our values: our conviction, our loyalty, the love for the vodka and the blood, sweat and tears to make it happen. We found this attitude in our partners in Belarus, where a contract is nothing more than a piece of paper; where entire monuments are built on real trust. The only thing that counts here is whether or not the person sitting across from you can look you directly in the eye with no hesitation whatsoever, especially in the moment where there is nothing between you but two glasses and a bottle of vodka. Here, there is no such thing as a "maybe".

There are no "maybes" our journey either, be it 3 or 3000 kilometers. No matter if our financial resources are downright Spartan compared to the enormous advertising budgets offered by our competitors. We would also gladly knock on the hundredth pub door with pride and dignity if it means seeing our Partisan on the counter. We are prepared to give everything to reach our goal. Our vision can only be realized if we roll up our sleeves and tear down the walls that stand in our way with conviction. We will not be beholden to the boundaries and borders imposed by others. We will not rest until we have also reached the hearts and glasses of the last like-minded individuals. For that is what binds us to each and every one of them out there: dedication!